Scottish musician Martin Taylor is one of the leading names in the guitar world scene. The highly regarded American "Acoustic Guitar Magazine" has called him the most eminent guitarist of his generation. In his portfolio, he has received 14 British Jazz Awards, was nominated for a Grammy Award, and is the holder of two honorary doctorates. He is an elected member of the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire), and received the award for outstanding contribution to jazz music which was personally presented to him by the Queen of England. His music has appeared in movies, TV series, and commercials for the world's largest brands. Martin's guitar pyrotechnics is awe-inspiring, and he is the undisputed world leader in the field of solo fingerstyle jazz playing.

Alison Burns is a Scottish - Canadian jazz singer who has already attracted the attention of the international media with her debut album in 2007. Alison became the first Scottish jazz performer to have an album enter the Top 10 which resulted in performances in New York, Tokyo, Cannes; Shanghai, Italy, the UK, and Canada. Her cooperation with Martin Taylor has led to various collaborations and performances around the world; from Asia and Europe to Australia, the United States, and Canada.

IAN MELROSE (Scotland)

The versatile Scottish musician Ian Melrose is one of Europe's leading fingerstyle guitarists. After signing with the guitar music industry's most prestigious record labels, German Acoustic Music, he soon became one of the most commercial and important musicians on the label.

In addition to his solo projects, he produced various albums for other musicians around the world, and as a studio musician, he has appeared on more than 100 recordings. Ian Melrose was a member of the highly-acclaimed group, Clannad, during the era when the band won a Grammy for the album "Landmarks.“

Ian's interest in traditional music was inherited from his father who was a member of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. As a result, Ian is the author of transcriptions of traditional Celtic songs featuring his own arrangements for guitar.

KELPIE (Scotland / Norway)

The duo Kelpie consists of Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose. The music they perform has roots in Celtic and Scandinavian traditional music. Their music is an eclectic fusion of styles featuring extraordinary vocals and arrangements which expands the horizons of acoustic music. Kelpie is a famous callaboration of two internationally renowned musicians. Fabulous songs about trolls, kelpies, and other various mythical creatures are included which the will intrigue the audience and expose them to the boundless world of imagination.


Coming from different musical backgrounds, Anita (classical music, jazz) and Davide (rock, blues) have created their own form of musical expression that is dominated by various styles and influences. Their repertoire is comprised of songs popularized during the Italian and American swing era of the 1940s, jazz standards, instrumental compositions, to solo singing. They have performed throughout Europe, the US and Russia, and have played with the most renowned names of the contemporary guitar scene.


Damir Kukuruzović is one of the most well-known gypsy jazz musicians in Croatia. He has performed and collaborated with some of the most important musicians in the gypsy jazz genre, such as Angelo Debarre and Ludovic Beier. Many of these legends have been invited to perform for Croatian audiences by Damir. He manages one of the best jazz clubs in the region - Siscia Jazz Club, in Sisak. In recent years, Damir has performed with the popular Slovenian singer-songwriter, Zoran Predin, who accompanies him at all of his performances.


The Crossroad Blues Band is a group from Prilep, Macedonia. In the year 2000, they recorded their first single called, "Where is the end ?" which drew the interest of famous Macedonian radio host Dragan B. Kostic. Dragan helped the band by presenting their songs to the general public and helped the band record their first album, Tutuun Blouz.

A strong social dimension can be heard in the lyrics of the Crossroad Blues Band songs. Many feature the problems of the ordinary, 'little guy' that is one of the main elements of blues lyrics. The group has recorded numerous live performances in the region from Slovenia to Bulgaria. The Crossroads Blues Band performs a repertoire consisting mostly of blues and rock-blues standards.


Darko Jurkovic Charlie has been awarded seven Status Awards as the best Croatian jazz guitarist. In addition, with the group Quartet Sensitive, he has achieved four nominations for the Porin Award – the Croatian music industry's most distinguished award. He has won the Porin Award in the past for the best instrumental performance (the original arrangement for solo guitar in Cantando but Toro). Darko Jurkovic is the Croatian musician who performs the most concerts internationally (over fifty a year) around the world. Besides throughout Europe, he has performed in Chile and Brazil. His is a virtuoso in the use of a specific two hand tapping guitar techniques and, in recent years, he plays two guitars simultaniousley.

ALBA & LEO (Croatia)

Alba Nacinovich and Leo Škec are two of the most innovative acts in Croatia. Their performance at this year's BIG Festival will coincide with the promotion of their first album recorded after signing a contract with Croatia Records. The duet performs delightful interpretations of pop and jazz standards as well as their original compositions which captures the audience's attention with their intriguing arrangements and Alba's extraordinary vocal abilities.

Alba Nacinovich studied music in Trieste (Italy) and at the conservatory in Porto (Portugal) where she earned a major's degree in jazz-singing. On several occasions, she has won awards as a composer, arranger, and performer in the field of jazz music. She has also won other entertainment, electronic and film music awards. Alba has performed all across Europe. She has participated in the production of many albums, three of which have won Porin Awards with the Sol et Luna Elvis Stanic Group. She teaches modern and jazz singing at several music schools in Italy and works as a music editor at Radio Rijeka.

Leo Škec is a guitarist with extensive experience in many varieties of musical genres and formats, from duo to big band. He has performed with the biggest acts in Croatian pop and jazz music such as Gibonni, Oliver Dragojevic, and Elvis Stanic. With his instrumental jazz project, Salty Tails, he has performed at leading jazz festivals in the region.


  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 17.8.2016 (9:00 pm)
  • Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini
  • Ian Melrose
  • Kelpie
  • Port Baška, Old Waterfront
  • 18.8.2016 (9:00 pm)
  • Crossroads Blues Band Makedonija
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 19.8.2016 (9:00 pm)
  • Darko Jurković Charlie
  • Alba & Leo
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 20.8.2016 (9:00 pm)
  • Martin Taylor & Alison Burns
  • Damir Kukuruzović Django group

The concerts start at 21:00h.
Free entry.

EXHIBITION 2016 "Guitar Masters" Robert Kalčić, Lucio Vidotto, Boris Sušanj and Damir Zamlakar

Eddie Martin
Muriel Anderson
Peter Finger



Workshops taught by Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini allow to get closer in an immediate and thorough to the Voice, the Guitar, and other topics related to the music. These group meetings allow to deal with other people with the same interests, similar attitudes or who are undertaking an equivalent course.

Some of the issues raised:
The Acoustic Guitar, The Fingerpicking Guitar / Fingerstyle and Flatpicking, The Blues Guitar, Guitar and Arrangement.

Improvisation and Arranging:
for guitarists, singers or other instrumentalists. Singing basic: for beginners.
Guitar and Voice: for singers, instrumentalists, singers playing, singing instrumentalists.

Professional singing:
for those who want to deepen the knowledge of its technical and stylistic voice-instrument.

Analysis of Text:
for singers and songwriters who want to be able to use their voice and their technical knowledge to understand and to better interpret the text of a song or to get to vocally express themselves and communicate in an appropriate way.

History and Guide of the Listen Contemporary Popular Music:
for all.

17.8.2016 in 10h, duration of the workshop: 90min
price: 15€

For information and registration contact:


Guitar Workshop by Ian Melrose.

18.08.2016 in 09h, duration of the workshop: 180min
price: 30€

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Darko Jurković - Charlie is one of the few guitarists who use "two hands tapping" technique of playing two guitars at the same time. On workshop for the Big festival in Baska he will demonstrate this way of playing, which opens up some new possibilities, ie. Making tone by pressure on a wire guitar, possibilities to perform solos with accompaniment and counterpoint. Also there will words on the music theory, especially on jazz theory.

19.8.2016 in 11h, duration of the workshop: 90min
price: 10€

For information and registration contact:


Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex (show)
Port Baška, Old Waterfront (show)