Our story

Founder of the festival Deni Šesnić with musicians Franco Morone, Raffaella Luna, Joscho Stephan and Boris Dujmović on the festival 2012.

Over the past few years, in Baška, specifically in Jurandvor individual international guitar concerts were organized by the Tourist Association of the Municipality of Baška and the Hal association. Audiences, domestic and foreign alike showed great interest in the concerts, so the organizers for 2012 have created an even richer and more diverse program, covering much more guitar events. We decided to call the program BAŠKA INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL.

BIG FEST - INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FEST will be held from the 17th to the 20th of August and there are indications that this could become a traditional event, which will be held in the second half of August (after the feast of the Assumption and St. Roch).

The guitar, which is certainly one of the most popular instruments in contemporary music, presented in its various meanings and through various musical styles, primarily in those styles that offer the possibility of its presence as a leading independent or solo instrument.

Each year the Festival offers the opportunity of researching beauty through the expressiveness of this fascinating musical instrument. The public can enjoy guitar virtuosos with a national and international reputation, but great attention is given to proposals that come from the world of young people.

The special care and commitment in the work of selection by the art direction, ensures the highest level of performance by the musicians participating in this event.

The acoustic guitar concerts are located near the beautiful church of Santa Lucy in Jurandvor, while blues / rock programs will take place on the seashore in the tourist resort of Baška.

The blues / rock concerts aim to attract the young public and represent an opportunity to promote the other festival events and to make them known to a wider audience.

The space in front of the church of Saint Lucy in Jurandvor is one of the most suggestive spaces in the whole valley of Baška and is one of the most important archeologycal areas of the island of Krk. The church of Saint Lucy (in Croatian Sveta Lucija) is the site where the famous Baška Tablet was found. The oldest written document in the Croatian language, dating back to the eleventh century.

The space of the magnificent promenade of Baška is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Very popular is its beach with white pebbles. Baška has one of the longest beaches on the eastern Adriatic coastline. A must, for those who arrive in this locality, are evening walks on the beach that are enriched with various musical events and attractions.

The most romantic will not want to give up a swim at sunset or at nightfall with the sounds of guitars of our festival in the background. All this makes Baška an irresistible destination for lovers of sea, nature, and of course good music.

During the afternoon young musical groups, will have the opportunity to perform near the beach of Baška helping to create a festive atmosphere and prepare the minds for major concerts in the evening.

In addition to the concerts, during the festival, various guitar workshops will be organized. Participants will have the opportunity to take courses that will be held by our artists and finally have the opportunity to perform in a jam-session presentation of the workshop. Each of these workshops, as all festival events will be recorded in order to make a DVD that will be sold at the end of the event and again during the festival next year. The master classes are a new tourist attraction in the area of Baška.

During the festival, exhibitions of renowned guitar manufacturers and builders and exhibitions of art works and photographs related to the topic of music and guitars, will be organized.

Participants of the workshops, like the rest of the public will have the opportunity to see and try the musical instruments exhibited during the event and will be able to buy them at affordable prices.

At the end of each evening of the festival a cocktail - jam session will be held, during which the artists and workshop participants will perform in an informal manner.

The public and interested passers-by will have the opportunity to attend, to the workshops as well, because these will be held outdoors in the park opposite to the reception of the church of Saint Lucy. In case of rain, the alternative may be a space of the county of Jurandvor that will be used as a rehearsal room.

During the festival you will have the opportunity to listen to various musical styles. Each day will be dedicated to a particular musical style. You will be able to hear melodies from gypsy jazz to flamenco, from classical to fingersyle to the blues and rock, ethno and more.

Stochelo Rosenberg on the festival 2010.

Festival organizer: Hal Association
Artistic direction of the festival: Damir Halilić – Hal (HAL Association)
Production of the festival: Tourist board Baška
Head of St. Lucy: Dana Kružić (AZ agency, Jurandvor)